My guitars 20th Century

1985 Replica of Ibanez Road Star

The owner of the guitar for a long time was Victor Smolski. The pickup was one, but the Super Distortion with switching to the Dual Sound!

1986 – Improvisation on the theme “Fernandes Revolver”

Was made, it seems, 3 guitars – for Arkadiy Yushin, Pylaev and don’t remember to whom else. This guitar was my diploma project in Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics.

1987 – another one Improvisation on the theme “Fernandes Revolver” for Arkadiy Yushin

Check Sound – “Forpost”

1988 – Strat HSS for V. Pylaev

Check Sound – “Forpost”

1988 – This is the influence of Steve Vai

… and Arkadiy Yushin on my young body has led to the creation of this guitar. I, of course, right. Thanks to my American friend from the CIA (left on photo) for this photo.

Guitar “starred” in a movie. At the bottom of the frame from the movie “All ahead” . Guitar playing Pete Pavlov.

Video excerpt from the film version of “All ahead”.

Мроя – Ноч за вакном (1993)

1989 – Strat

Generally do not remember anything about this guitar, and for whom was made. Only see that the sensors are not where needed.

1990 Jem

Here’s a JEM was created by me under the sunset of the USSR

Last guitar 1991

From the beginning to the present day guitar playing Pit Pavlov – [N.R.M., GARADzKIJA]. Photos 10.2010