Andrey Polyakov - Musician, Engineer, Designer, Luthier, Top Manager

Every company has its own story. The history of APG Pickups began in 2011. On the other hand, the roots of this company date back to the 1980s and concern a person without whom it is impossible to imagine the present and future of APG. This person is me, Andrey Polyakov, born in Minsk, BSSR, quite a long time ago.

I started to build my first guitar effects, guitars and pickups made from radio headphones when I was 12.

After graduating from school, I was accepted to study radioelectronics, which I graduated as a Master of Science in Radioelectronics, Engineer – Constructor. The topic of my diploma was “Design and implementation of an Electric Guitar“.

During my studies in 1985, together with my friend Andrey Rumyantsev, I founded a guitar company called “POLARUM GUITARS CUSTOM SHOP“, which quickly became one of the industry leaders in the USSR. The dynamic development continued until 1990, when many changes took place in the world and in my life. The end of the USSR, leaving the USA permanently, returning from the USA, stagnation in the country forced me to look for other solutions for life. This is how I came to Poland, where I became closely involved with the IT industry and achieved considerable results, ending my career as CIO / Strategy and Development Director in quite large international structures, managing multi-million projects. Among others, the first Internet TV broadcast in Poland on the portal, the first business implementation of the Microsoft .NET platform in Poland – “Clima CAD Online“, recognized by Microsoft, and other ERP, CRM, DOC FLOW class projects in PL, USA , BY, RU.

The year 2008, with the artificial crisis announced, led me to further changes in my life, returning to my roots – guitars. It was not a simple but right decision, I like freedom and everything related to guitars, which have accompanied me for 18 years of my IT career.

Since then, I have been constantly developing. As you know, there have been several unique projects and a few that are unrivaled!

Thank for your support,

Andrey Polyakov